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We help intentional brands & business owners make money through marketing without sacrificing reputation or a disconnected community for a quick sale or short-term success.

Trusting us to provide a return on investment, maintain alignment with the brand, create less stress, not more. All with the purpose of creating intentional connections with your ideal audience, earning a loyal following and building a brand that you can be proud of. We focus on long-term marketing. Our goal isn’t quick, short-fuse’s sustainable success.

If you haven’t already given yourself permission yet, we’re here to tell you it’s okay to go against the grain.

Our name is meaningful, just like our marketing.

The name Wilona (pronounced will-oh-na) is derived from the names of two of the most significant women in our founder's life - Ashley’s great aunt, Wilma, and grandmother, Veona.

The women were two strong female figures that exemplified a sense of resiliency and intentionality regardless of the circumstances they both faced - some learned traits that sparked the drive for Ashley to build something of her own.

We stay inspired by the trailblazing women who came before us (like Wilma & Veona) and continue to carry the intentionality and meaning of our name in the soul of our agency.

what tf is wilona?!

a note from ashley

[founder] & lead strategist

Similar to most of my clients, I started Wilona with a desire to do something different. To ditch the traditional for the less typical. I had first-hand experience in your “corporate” roles of marketing and public relations with a left brain that craved  more creativity, more coloring outside the lines of traditional marketing.

With that, I began to take on clients and apply my own approach to marketing. One that is much more intentional than the impersonalized blueprint or oversaturated social media methods that we’ve all seen one too many times. This technique not only worked, but it also allowed the brands to get the sustainable results that they were after without sacrificing the integrity of their brand.

I’m on a mission to revolutionize the way we market and it starts with creating meaningful, holistic marketing strategies that authentically attract your ideal audience. Our marketing style resonates with business owners looking to grow their brand, reallocate their precious time, and trust an aligned agency to handle their brand’s marketing touch points.

Our methods are studied, researched, and constantly refined according to the environment of the market, the nature of social platforms, and our creative intuition. However, each strategy is purposefully tailored to support the goals and essence of each unique brand we work with.

Unlike other agencies, Wilona is committed to producing meaningful marketing that is anchored in community building through storytelling, magnetic content, and the psychological/subconscious elements that many overlook. We’re interested in the slow burns that build better businesses in the long run. Longevity is everything, short-term sales and exhaustive trend culture is not. What kind of legacy does your brand want to live and lead?

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we'll vibe if you...

desire to be different

Believe in the power of a good brainstorm

consider yourself a shameless dreamer

Move through life & business with intention

Value both the short & long-term return on marketing

prioritize alignment over trends


A Brief Overview of Our Approach

TWM is tried and tested. It works because it is a framework that applies to any brand that is customized and tailored based on the goals and priorities of your business.


A strong brand is rooted in intentionality and purpose. We develop your brand story to serve as our foundation to grow upon.

Identify your differentiators compared to competition and industry standards.

Understand your target audience through research and observations.

Now is the time to dream up your unique, distinctive positioning. Get inventive. Ingeniously game plan how you’ll bridge the gap between your product and service and your ideal audience.

Curate a committed connection with your ideal customer through intentional messaging, creative content strategies, and unforgettable customer touchpoint experiences.  

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