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Wilona is a digital-led creative agency building & amplifying brands in wellness, lifestyle, fashion, & beauty.


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for the [intentional] biz owner who's sick of the status quo

We craft distinctive marketing strategies for brands that crave a less typical and untraditional approach to marketing. Rooted in unconventionality, our services range from small scale projects, like photoshoot planning and 1:1 coaching, to larger-scale consulting and complete social management.

In all we do, we prioritize intentionality over intensity. We’ve too grown fatigued by the cookie-cutter marketing approaches that are sold to us daily via social media streams and overwhelming advice from "experts" in the industry. We don’t do strategy based in shallow trends, transactional approaches, or get-rich-quick schemes.

We help your brand stand out - not to be a sell-out.

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I'm ashley.

founder of wilona marketing

I’m on a mission to revolutionize the way we market and it starts with creating meaningful, holistic marketing strategies that authentically attract your ideal audience. Our marketing style resonates with business owners looking to grow their brand, reallocate their precious time, and trust an aligned agency to handle their brand’s marketing touch points.

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Want your social media calendars done for you in a way that feels aligned with your brand? Trust Wilona with your social platforms to gain back your time and see results you could never dream of.

Intended for solopreneurs or smaller brands who have the ability to manage their own Instagram and/or TikTok but are in need of support when it comes to bolstering up their social presence.

Take the stress out of planning and protect the investment into your shoot by developing a detailed game plan beforehand.

We all know the feeling of desperately DIY-ing your way through the marketing maze. Take back your time and peace of mind with Wilona.

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"Ashley has restored my sense of confidence, authority & clarity…"

— LAUREN PAPANOS, founder of funcitonal fueling nutrition

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ep 02: Progress over perfection - 5 tips to just start

Marketing and mindset, they go hand in hand. If you're looking to uplevel your confidence along with your strategy, you've come to the right place. Tune into "Do the Thought Work" - a weekly podcast that believes self-development and mind management are the gateway to a successful career and life.

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EP 26:  be the ceo of your own life

ep 48: how to become the highest version of yourself

Our data-led approach to marketing provides each of our clients with the exact tools needed in order to effortlessly attract their ideal consumer. By teaching our clients to speak their audience's language, we provide sustainable growth tactics that allow you to create a solid brand, not just one viral TikTok.


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